Hydrangea Blue Rimu Earrings
Hydrangea Blue Rimu Earrings

Hydrangea Blue Rimu Earrings

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JHD Rimu jewellery is made in New Zealand, a rugged land of snowy mountains, flowing rivers, enchanting forests and extraordinary beaches, with the best that nature has to offer!

Some people believe Hydrangeas symbolise sincere and honest emotions, and also gratitude. If you are wanting to show your gratitude for being understood by another person, or just to say thanks, then Hydrangeas are the one!

Design: Hydrangea Earrings
Metal: 925 sterling hook
Colour: Rimu/ blue 
Materials: 100% Real Rimu Wood (NZ Native wood) veneer. Paint.
Size: Approx 2cm x 2cm wood portion

Features: Made in New Zealand, Aotearoa.