Neapolitan Ice Block with Sprinkles
David Thomas

Neapolitan Ice Block with Sprinkles

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Cast acrylic;  approx. 150 mm in height, drilled for wall mounting and come in a variety of plain or with sprinkles!

David Thomas creates acrylic sculptures that transform everyday objects into pieces 'frozen in time' poised for contemplation. From food to paint tubes, Thomas' works delight with their replication of commonplace items. He enjoys working in the robust medium of acrylic and exploring the luminous colours that can be created through his techniques. 

Thomas' recent series finds its inspiration in vintage Tiptop advertising. As the artist describes: "At a time when Kiwis are visiting their own backyard, I would like to present a reminder of that walk to the dairy."

Thomas draws on a background as a commercial/industrial photographer. While to this day he maintains an active interest in photography, over recent years he has enjoyed a move from the 2D image to 3D work.