Consumer law in New Zealand does not require retailers to refund goods if customers change their minds. We apply this in our store and offer an exchange only. Despite this, all Design Withdrawals internet purchases may be returned if you are not happy with the quality, or the item is not what you expected. Please note: This only applies to items that feature on our website and have been purchased on-line, or by phone, fax or email (i.e. the customer has not had a chance to touch and view the item).

In other words, merchandise that has been purchased on-line that is in perfect condition, accompanied by an original Design Withdrawals sales receipt may be returned within 14 days of purchase just one time for an exchange or store credit. Merchandise without an original Design Withdrawals sales receipt may be exchanged if you have the relevant Design Withdrawals exchange card but may not be returned and refunded. We send out exchange cards for all online sales.

As many of our products are purchased as gifts we try to be very flexible with exchange time frames so please discuss your needs with our staff if you are outside the 14-day online exchange time frame. Damaged merchandise will not be accepted for exchange or return. If you are outside New Zealand and wish to return an item, please email us to discuss as the time frames need to be longer.