Ballerina Garland
Ballerina Garland
Ballerina Garland
Ballerina Garland

Ballerina Garland

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We couldn't resist including these beautiful images of ballerinas into our new garlands range.

They feature gorgeous lithographs digitally printed onto organic cotton and cut into little flags. The edges are kept raw with a simple stay stitch.

From left to right:
1.  Adele Dumilatre* [facsimile signature] as la Diane chasseresse
2.  Fanny Cerrito** in the new grand ballet Alma;  La Bohémienne
3.  Celeste as the Maid of Cashmere
4.  Marie Taglioni*** (Sylphide)
5.  Marie Taglioni (Gitana)
6.  Fanny Elssler**** In the Cracovienne dance, in the ballet of The Gypsy

Handmade in Australia.

Total length 3.35m/11 ft 
Images length: 130cm/4.3 ft

*Adèle Alphonsine Dumilâtre (30 June 1821 – 4 May 1909 in Paris) was a French dancer
Francesca "FannyCerrito (11 May 1817 – 6 May 1909) was an Italian ballet dancer and choreographer
***Marie Taglioni, Comtesse de Voisins (23 April 1804 – 22 April 1884) was a Swedish ballet dancer
Fanny Elssler (1810-1884) was an Austrian ballerina of the Romantic Period

The images are in the public domain and are all sourced from the generous open access schemes from various wonderful museums.   This is an excellent initiative that opens up so many beautiful images to be seen and enjoyed again.

All images by E. T. Parris 1793-1873.   Published by Hodgson, Boys & Graves
Courtesy of The New York Public Library Digital Collections.