Cupid Angel Mouse
Cupid Angel Mouse
Sew Heart Felt

Cupid Angel Mouse

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‘The Tiny Mice Of Mousehole’ s Sunny cornish village folk. Cupid, the love filled winged mouse!

Gorgeous tiny hand felted mouse, crafted with the most amazing attention to detail.

Angelic little mouse holding so tightly on to a plump pink heart, declaring the warmest of feelings to the world!

“Yes, there is a village in Cornwall called Mousehole and yes, these teeny tiny hand felted mice live there. Just kidding. But this quintessentially Cornish fishing village which Dylan Thomas dubbed “the loveliest village in England” did inspire our mischief of mice. Go on – have a nibble.

Each Sew Heart Felt mouse is skilfully crafted by needle felting teeny layers of loose wool fibres, creating a sculptured and realistic little animal.

Every little village mouse has a character of its own and is a truly artisan piece.

Approx height 9cm

Would you like the Cupid Heart mouse to take your love to someone special?
hand felted
care instructions:
Dampen a soft,clean cloth with cool water and spot clean