NZ Tui Officer by Bonnie Fraser
Bonnie Fraser

NZ Tui Officer by Bonnie Fraser

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18 x 25.5cm pre-matted print

Bonnie Fraser:

I am an artist from Waitakere, and I paint birds wearing uniforms to suit their plumage and personalities.

I have paintings in homes throughout New Zealand and internationally.  Starting at age eleven I sold my first painting to the headmaster of my primary school.  Since then I have had solo and group art exhibitions, won art awards, done multiple charity event fundraisers, a public live a painting demonstration in Real Groovy – Auckland, made paintings for published books as well as making paintings for the movie – ‘Bliss’ which featured on TV1’s Sunday Theatre programme.

I enjoy subtly challenging viewers thoughts about everyday things.  My art appears simple at first glance but there is a lot involved in behind the creation – lots of research and study, thinking and trialling.  I like my work to have a balance of great skill, freshness of ideas while appearing effortless to paint.  I need my art to give something back to the viewer and provide them with a good feeling and hopefully a smile.