Touch Stone Necklace
Touch Stone Necklace
Touch Stone Necklace

Touch Stone Necklace

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Each piece is unique - Individually Carved - Formed By Nature

A sacred and contemplative place, standing on the gemstone beach at Birdlings Flat is like standing on the edge of the world. Seldom will nature allow you so close to such dramatic force in relative safety. The treacherous seas here rise and fall in perpetual grinding motion, hanging almost stationary as if confronting an invisible barrier.

Within this unrelenting environment these stones have emerged, ground to their beautiful orbital shape by the raw forces of nature over great expanses of time - every rock beginning its journey high in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, travelling for millions of years to where it was found.

Accordingly, the spirit behind these Touch Stones is simple - to retain the subtle but powerful sense of stillness which pervades the ever shifting beach at Birdlings Flat. To always make a feature of each original form - to be led by the stone itself rather than impose our own meaning, so that each stone might continue its journey, not as a full vessel, but as an empty one, waiting to bear the meaning and significance its wearer imparts.

In curious alignment with this, the stone itself will deepen in colour as it acquires a bloom, becoming ever more connected and personal over time.

4 x 2.5cm on an adjustable waxed cord necklace

Each unique Touch Stone Pendant comes in a recyclable cardboard box.

Proudly Made in New Zealand